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This is the location of the free eBook download of my first book 'Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man'
. This free, first book is the beginning of a series of books I'm creating to educate people about the entire New World Order conspiracy for global enslavement. If you keep scrolling down you will certainly find the free download link/PDF file.

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This first book is a free eBook offer on my site here to try and help wake up humanity to the occult agenda steering our society and world. There is no reason not to download it and at least review the outline of topics I cover, you'll find it quite interesting whether you know about the NWO or not.

Please pay it forward to your friends and family the existence of this brand new book that they may also know the truth about what's really going on in these turbulent times we are currently living in. You are encouraged to download this eBook PDF file and put it in emails and send it out to everyone you know. Please tell them to do the same if they feel they were enlightened by what I had to say about our current state of affairs and where we're shortly heading.

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Order my first book in paperback version, 'Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man', at the link right below. The paperback is newly edited with slightly larger font and is now 505 pages long. I personally sign and date every one that goes out. Thanks for your support!

So.....what is the “New World Order”

The New World Order is the transitional phase between sovereign nations and a one world government run by the Luciferian global elite under Satan and his human representative the Antichrist. This is exactly what is prophesized in the Bible, this is exactly the end goal of the New World Order, and this is exactly what is unfolding before us today. They are very close to achieving their objective. You probably don’t understand yet how bad this will be for us, but by the end of this book you will have learned all of the most important moving parts of it and how they interlock to form a pyramidal, compartmentalized conspiracy run by a very few Luciferian families, and to the ultimate benefit of only a few thousand of the people involved with bringing the one world government in. They have all jockeyed or are jockeying for position in it right now, to live under it and benefit from it in the times to come.

If what they were trying to do was for the good of humanity, they would be doing it out in the open instead of behind closed doors, under the veil of secrecy. Only evil acts are done in the dark, away from concerned eyes.

The story of the “Great Plan” coming to fruition is such that one cannot explain it to the layman to the point of him or her understanding it without a fully rehearsed 24-hour speech. It is such a vast, interconnected web of deceit that the only way to explain it is to lay out all aspects of it, showing how the dots all connect. So this is what you now have at your disposal, from me: My written speech in book form that will take you about 24 hours straight to read.

The reason it takes so long to explain it is the same reason why someone could be called a “conspiracy nut” by piping off about only one element of it. Without knowing all of the elements and the facts behind them, you can’t even begin to visualize the real conspiracy, and it’s easy to pass off people ranting about the Federal Reserve or the United Nations as lunacy and then go back to the personal non-reality bubble most people these days reside in.

Time has been on the side of the 6,000 year old Great Plan, and they have moved their agenda along slowly and covertly enough so as not to arouse suspicion from the population at large. That’s not to say that people haven’t been trying to call this conspiracy out for millennia. Even the warnings of God’s prophets and Jesus Christ Himself throughout the entire Bible have for the most part fallen on deaf ears. Again, you now have a book available of as dire of a warning as I was able to manifest, and hopefully you understand this warning at this point.

Only independent-type thinkers have been able to step outside of the proverbial box over the years and view what is happening without blinders. The result of those thinkers has been a crescendo of books, lectures and video presentations trying to warn the world of what is going on----along with an even greater crescendo of denial and mud-slinging from the Establishment-owned Mainstream Media shouting them down and labeling the truth as “conspiracy theory”. This has successfully discredited the truth movement to a point where it has been for the most part an effort-in-vain, much to the detriment of humanity.

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